A local counciller in my area. They do look alike! Although I don't think it's a great way to woo voters.

A County Tyrone councillor's alleged resemblance to Family Guy character Peter Griffin could soon be appearing on election posters.

Omagh councillor Ross Hussey said he was told about his cartoon lookalike by his nephew and a young party colleague.

The Ulster Unionist said he was not flattered but it did amuse him.

"Personally I can see no resemblance, but I have watched it and we would have certain similar traits - that's all I'm prepared to admit to," he said.

"To be perfectly honest, I didn't know who this Peter Griffin was until my 23-year-old nephew and young Ryan who works here pointed out a resemblance."

Mr Hussey said they would have to wait and see if the poster was approved by his party.

"Really it's a bit of fun, and anything that could get young people interested in politics is good.

"If they can see that we are human and realise that we're not all God's gift, why not? There's enough serious things out there without adding to the worries of the world."

Mr Hussey's doppelganger has successfully run for office in the cult US comedy, defeating his wife Lois in a contest to become school board President.

EDIT: Couldn't be bothered adding it to Photobucket so it could be posted here.
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That's scary lol...now only if he could laugh like him
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Who the hell wants Peter Griffin as a politician?

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I don't think he really looks a lot like Peter.
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... he doesn't really look like Peter

There's a resemblence, double chin, hair...
whoaa are they twins!

Yeah i think they are!

non-identical twins they are, they look nothing alike
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The only similarity is that they are both largely overweight.


And, I don't see Seth agreeing to allowing the image to be used in political posters...
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Who the hell wants Peter Griffin as a politician?

who wouldn't want him as a politician
The fact they have 'certain similar traits' is a bit worrying considering all Peter does pretty much is get in destructive, idiotic shenanagains
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They're both middle-aged, podgy, white, brown-haired guys with glasses and a double chin? How remarkable.
fat guy with glasses=/= peter griffen
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... he doesn't really look like Peter

yeah...its a bit of a stretch. he doesnt look much like him besides being fat, and having glasses.
yeah, he doesnt have the ass-shaped chin. thats the main thing thats missing lol
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I doubt he really has watched Family Guy before. Doesn't seem like the type of thing the UUP would endorse.
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I don't see it, but good for that guy for catching on to the year 2000.

he's from Northern Ireland, what do you expect?

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meh not really; it's just generic fat bloke tbh.
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I don't think he really looks a lot like Peter.

Me either. I mean I can see a slight resemblance but nothing serious. I wouldn't have thought of Peter if I just saw that guy on the street somewhere.
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Eh he doesn't look any more like him then every other over weight brown haired guy with glasses.
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