Hey UG,

September the 26th is "Language day" in our school and me and some of my friends were asked to perform some English folk songs, about 2-3 the thing is i don't really know any apart from "Scarborough Fair".

So any recommendations ? It's going to be an acoustic set with a female singer.
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Over the Hills and far away- It's the theme tune to Sharpe
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I like the way the stone roses do Scarborough fair with the anti royalist sentiment of usurping Queen Liz. Could be an eye opener at a school performance. Greensleeves is a nice number that you'll recognise the melody to.
Here (warning...its not exactly the most kid friendly of things) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Os_mCU8uRiA ... I guess you cant do it for school, but its still entertaining.
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