Poll: Which guitar do you think would make the best weapon?
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View poll results: Which guitar do you think would make the best weapon?
2 6%
20 61%
3 9%
5 15%
3 9%
Voters: 33.
This goes against everything i stand for but

... I pick ... the razorback ...

I swore I'd never say that!
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Dammit, beaten to it, and by someone with the same name

CURSE YOU TOMMYT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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one of the rare occasions where the razorback is the best choice.

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This one...

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Gibson Flying V.

More wood, so more mahogany, so more damage done.
I mean seriously, those spiky guitars can't pierce anything, and don't have enough wood for a proper bludgeoning.

Simple V shape means you can hold it like a baseball bat without any balance issues [as all the wonky and spiky guitar won't be as easy to hold like that].

What's the purpose of this thread?

Sunn O))):
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haha before I opened the posts and saw the choices, the 1st guitar to pop into my head was the razorback. that's a heavy p.o.s, and all those jagged edges across your face probably wouldn't feel too good.
Well I think we should weigh up all the pros and cons of the guitars for the explorer a pro would be long headstock, which makes for painful anal penetration, also the large body makes for a bigger batting area meaning less chance of missing the enemy. The only con to my mind is that it's a heavy ****er meaning you have less agility with it so when you attack the person you better get them hard enough to knock them out for repeated blows.
Maybe a Raw Power SG. Heavy as a ****in' rock.
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I'm plumping for the Gibson V as it's probably the most sturdy out of the five, and you've got to plan for taking more than one swing. Also, I'm pretty sure it comes with a decent quality hardshell case, and that would make an excellent shield.

Given a free choice I'd would have to be a non-weight relieved Les Paul, or one of those Dan Armstrong plastic dealies.
Oh, now I've gone and spilled my tea. This really won't do at all.