I'm new here. I was wondering If anyone knows about a guitar kit to build a 335 style guitar? I can't find one and I've looked in the rest of the forum...
you'd be better off building one from scratch. it might sound hard, but i was thinking about getting one at some point because of the easyness factor of 'ZOMG YOU GET ALL YOUR BITS AT ONCE' but its really not worth it IMO, i got so much more out of doing one from scratch.
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While I agree that doing it yourself is much more rewarding, if you don't have a lot of space, a kit is better.

As for TS, I've never seen a hollow body guitar kit.
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Yeah, unfortunately I don't think one exists right now, which is surprising since there seems to be decent demand for them.

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I found a thinline tele one, but that's about it.
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A man chooses, a slave obeys.
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I was thinking of showing that link but ididnt think it would be helpful!

true point, but it does give him the option of a semi-acoustic kit build if he isn't up for making a 335 himself :P
cheers guys. I quite like the hollowbody kit, might go for it...
I was thinking about trying to fit a strat neck to a hollowbody, thats why I asked, and I like 335's...

And as for moding a copy, it would need to be a bolt on neck for the above reason.
Anyway, thank for that.