Another song I composed for the band. This one's an instrumental, we think of it as an opening track for live gigs and an original recording (if we ever make it). Nothing too complex, simple leads, simple solos, but still, I think they do the job. There's parts I'm not too sure about however. I'd love some advice. C4C as always.
untitled instr.zip
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It reminds me a lot of Knights Of Cydonia by Muse.

It really couldn't hold my attention for so long and a lot of the stuff I listen to is instrumental. I'm not sure about your band using this as an opening song of some sort, especially if it's going to remain instrumental. If it's an opening song, IMO, you should make it have a more pumped up feeling, this sort of just drags on without a climax. This would go very well with vocals though.

The general chord progression is very predictable as well, which really put me off it too.

Overall, an alright song but I would definitely add vocals or change it a lot to make it a gig worthy song.

EDIT: Can you please crit mine?

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