Just bought a Gibson Explorer '76 for 850€, including case:

Absolutely amazing... I thought it couldn't be better than my Jackson RR3, but I was wrong.
Very nice man
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I agree with the guy ^^^, it's the only gibson i like, i wish they made 24 fret models... anyway,


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Lucky you - that's my dream guitar.

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I agree with the guy ^^^, it's the only gibson i like, i wish they made 24 fret models... anyway,


Close, but Kramer makes a 24 fret explorer shape (bolt-on neck though)

Anyways, congratulations for obtaining one of my original GAS sources HNGD!
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damn thats nice! happy new guitar day!!
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Originally Posted by Shirate
The guitar, the only beautiful female that looks better with the top ON haha

Lol isn't that the guitar Swisgar in Metalocalypse uses? Except black ofcourse :P same shape and head and if u zoom in on the head you can see the "Gibson" logo. Anyway awsm guitar
i prefer sgs :p

but it is nice
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oh baby


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hngd that thing is sexy (take off the pick guard though)

how does it sound? i hear you need to put EMGs in a gibson explorer to make it sound good
I have one of these in black, they are so awesome.

Enjoy you're guitar =D
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White guitars are awesome.

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