Hi I just uploaded some "ideas" i guess to myspace they're only about 30 seconds each but let me know what you think. I particularly like the one i just recorded called 'In the works' but all recordings are very raw and unpolished as I recorded them through the mic on my computer and am not very good at mixing them. All recordings are improvisations

Rirst one (In the works) sounded pretty cool.

The other untitled improves were not a good. The chords sound pretty good but the picking sounds forced and not the same style of music. Like two alternating feels trying to be mashed together. Maybe try slowin it down a little and finding a new rhythm to help these two pieces blend together.
Thanks! Do the untitled improvs sound forced because they aren't in time? I know when i was recording those tracks i hadn't really mastered the chords so they were out of time and hard to play over.