I just moved six hours away from home. Almost all my friends at home are musicians, but I was always so intimidated by them since I didn't have the experience with writing. Now that I am away from them a bit, I want to take this chance to get better and maybe have something to show them/more confidence so I can collaborate with them on a project or something.

I've never written a song before but I want to start writing. I have some ideas I brainstormed through a freewrite sesh so I have a lot of random phrases and things that I could maybe take somewhere but I really don't know where to start.

Yes I understand the basic format of a song, verses chorus bridge etc, but I am looking for some help with putting it all together (creating a piece out of the words and my thoughts instead of just jumble, adding a melody and chords and vocal patterns etc).

If anyone would like to email me (or post in this thread, that would work as well) I am just looking for guidance from experienced writers (or not) so that maybe I can make up a song. Be my mentor!
Oh darn, I think this is in the wrong forum. Help me out anyway please?

Music is something I am really passionate about and I just want to learn how to make it my own. I don't know where to start and am looking for perhaps some inspiration, motivation, direction.
check out the musicians talk forum. You'll probably find some better help there. Personally, I usually start with the music anyways. I'm kinda late for work though so if you want PM me and i'll get back to you later.
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^Musicial talk is good for the "musical" part of songwriting.

If your issue is more with words, take a look at the "Lyrics Tip Thread" in the Songwriting and Lyrics Techniques sub-forum.

it's awfully complete. It really does help a lot. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to post em in the techniques sub-forum! Good luck man.