Hi guys, I am here new, so pls forget my mistakes. I am tihinking about buying a new combo. I´ve got a Schecter C1 guitar, with active pickups. What would you recommand as a goog choice to 950 Dollars?... I don´t want to buy a new combo, I want to buy a "Second hand" combo. I always play everything ... From blues, to rock, and everything havyer. I am looking for an universal sounding combo, but I preffer better Heavy metal. It should have got 2 cellestion speakers and more than 50 watt all tube power.
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A combo or a head? but I think they are a bit expensive... And what abou the JCm 900 4102?
I've heard the JCM900 combos aren't worth it. You can pick one up, I imagine, for about $500 these days which is well under your budget. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with amps that are cheaper, but in general, the more you pay the more you'll receive in return.

What type of metal are you talking about? Do you need to gig with the amp? Where do you live? What band's tone do you particularly like?
Well it seems you know what you want. A Used Combo amp for under $950 with celestion speakers.

Google magic my friend.

But to answer your question, I would say get a Spider III/IV, put it to the insane setting, and turn the drive all the way up and leave it there forever and ever.
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Why should it have 2 celestion speakers? There are several Celestion speakers, which all sound different and which sound different again paired with different amps. Sometimes Celestion isn't the right choice.

My sense tells me you just want Celestion speakers because you know the name and don't really know what you are talking about, right?
I want to say thaht it should have two 12 inch speakers a I dont know why I write down cellestion, sorry, the other things: I listen to bands like : bullet for my valentine, trivium, all thaht eremains ... those are the heavyesst, than clasics.. ozzy osbourne, blackj label society,mneatllica, megadeth black sabbath, scorpions, deep purple, malmsteen , and than, led zeppelin, and i dont know.... a lot of else ... but if I play live I always something like pop, rock ... and than some kind of gary moore, bb king ... I think i listen to everything, but i prefer better overdriven/ distorted sound .... and yyes I play gigs so it shold be a bit loud , I am from slovakia and itś a bit hard to find a good combo or gear for guitar .. i mean used stufff, and regullary i play .. i think everything, but at all... metallica , bullet, ...
I haven't played either of these, but the Kustom Defender and Hughes&Kettner Edition Tube 25 are both amps to look into.

The Line 6 Spider Valve is a great amp for the money. It comes in both 1x12 and 2x12 versions. It also has effects, which does have a tendency to make the sound a little 'sterile', but it's nothing to worry about, I still really like it.

The Peavey Vypyr Tube 60 is pretty good.

The Peavey 6505+ 1x12 60 watt amp is another contender. I haven't played that particular model, but the standard 120 watt 6505's are great amps. Just powerhouses of extreme tone. Not ideal for bedroom use but certainly for live and band practise.

I liked the Randall RG 50 TC when I played it, but it doesn't have loads of gain. It has a more American voicing, similar to the Peavey, if you're into Mesa Boogie type tones, they may be up your street.

Look into thomann.de, Musicstore.com and MusikProductiv.de for places to buy these amps.
hmmm... I was thinking about the 6505 212 combo, but i havent seen it so i should go I hear it out, i think mesa boogie are great especially the sound of the ractifier but they are treally expensive, I really dont know the next week i am going to met a guy who is in this area for avou 30 years so he should get me a great amps.. thanx a lot guys
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