I have this epi for about a year now and he frets are beginning to show wear mostly around the g-string, The pics focus on the most worn frets and the rest of the frets are not as badly worn as those that you see. Do you guys think that it is time for a redress? A friend of mine has told me that not yet because for him a typical redress takes him about 5 years of playing. There aren't any intonation issues and bends and single notes sound good right now, there are no problems... so what do you guys think? how many of you guys have had a redress and/or a refret and how long did it take for you guys to get to the point of doing a fret job?

is it just me, or am i not seeing anything?

EDIT: but if it's not a problem, why fix it?
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I'd say the frets still look pretty good.

Howerver, I dare say the fretboard looks like it could use some TLC..(could just be the pictrues, bad lighting or something).

Lemon Oil is your friend, next string change..

And agreeing with Randomhero...if you can't notice any problems, don't do anything..
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

You'll know when it's time...

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Dude, I got them on my guitar after about a month of playing, it's just wear it's worn it down a tiny bit to like a mirror finish.

Don't worry.
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you may just want to recrown them, they have some good and cheap tools and Stewmac
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There's barely anything wrong with them, so long as you don't have any issues with them, just leave it.
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They look fine.

Fret not...no pun intended.
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