I got this AXL SRO guitar from a yard sale, basically for free. For a novice like me, it seemed comfortable, except the humbucker wasn't working. If I put the selector switch all the way to the right, I'd get no sound at all. I took the pick guard off and found that the humbucker is a Seymour Duncan SH-4, and that one of the wires..the one going to the selector switch was broken off. Great! Quick and easy fix with my soldering iron...however, something still isn't right.

Now, I get some sound, but the humbucker doesn't seem to pick up sound very well at all. I get a real twangy sound from it, and I have to turn amp way up to hear it...it's definitely getting something, just not much. Conversely, the original pick-ups seem to be working fine.

Is this a tell-tale symptom of a wiring problem? Or is the humbucker just broken?
I had this problem, it might have been wired up wrong, a lot of the wiring diagrams are actually wrong anyway.
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^Most wiring diagrams are right, it's the reader's perception that's wrong. It's entirely possible that the wires coming from the pickup are the wrong colour to the diagram.

TS, Do you have any pictures of the pickup, the wiring, and any other shots that may be helpful? The more pictures you can get, the easier finding the problem will be.
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OK looking at this, from the Seymour Duncan Site, I think I have it wrong. T

The red and white wires from my humbucker, are simply taped together and not soldered to the volume pot (is that the right term?).

I had wired it following the specs here (clicking this will open a PDF) ...Apparently it was wired for "Phase Switching". Can't wait to get home and fix it!
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Normally, they would be taped off. That diagram is for push-pull coil-splitting (I think)

If you had those two wires soldered together and taped off, you should be fine. Unless that specific pickup has the colours different and you accidentally wired the guitar out of phase.
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OH. Damn.

Well I may still take it apart and have another look.

edit: found the 5_way Diagram. Pretty sure this is what I have done...

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you want no split at all, just a plain hss setup.
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OK, assuming the wiring is correct, and the guitar is an AXL (chinese components), I should probably look at replacing the 5-way switch then?