I know a lot of people are fans of community records bands
so i was wondering who everyones favorites are!

lately i have been digging safety mega-hard
as well as billion ernies and we are the union

for those who have not been enlightened yet
free skacore and punk!
Yes! I love community Records bands. Lately Ive been listening to a lot of Stuck Lucky, ABE, and the flaming tsunamies. I went to a show over the summer in wakefield that had a bunch of Community bands, and it was headlined by Interrobang!? Great stuff. oh and Matt Wixson is great too.
Never heard. I can never keep up with you kids and your music.
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My band played with Stucky Lucky and A Billion Ernies once. I'm not into to either of them. Skacore's just not really my thing.
If this thread is too old, then I'm sorry for bumpin it....

Community Records is amazing. I can't get enough of ABE and Arm the Poor. Did anyone hear the cover of 'this is halloween' by ABE? I loved it.
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