my marshall lead 100 mosfet.

either that or a fender supersonic
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The one I have at the moment.
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The one I have at the moment.

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line 6 spider, BEST tone in the world (hint sarcasm)

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line 6 spider, BEST tone in the world (hint sarcasm)

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i just love my fender hot rod for cleans
and i loved the distortion from a orange tiny terror i played.
i haven't really played that many amps, well, expensive amps....
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was that spider joke called for?

Boogie triple recto, or the stilletto. i dunno which youd call better.

but i have played the Orange 40th aniversry 'Pics only' and it was AWESOME.

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i love the sound of tiny terrors, i used to borrow my friends uncles for band practice, and the thought of the dual terror excites me...a lot

the best i've played is a tie between that and an engl powerball stack i was allowed to use, when my old band gigged with ghosts on pegasus bridge though the engl had an insane amount of gain, and now my tastes have changed somewhat, i think they just about even out in my eyes.

Or maybe that Valvetronix I tried the other day.
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Soldano Hot Rod 100+ is the best sounding that I've played and my JCM 800 4103 is the best sounding that I've owned(after retube with NOS Mullard preamp and NOS GE power).
Believe it or not, my Crate Vintage Club 30. Lower-Mid gain, class A goodness. Really warm, and never muddy as well.
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I Tried a Deizel Herbert once.
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when my old band gigged with ghosts on pegasus bridge .

Ha i used to work with Duncan (the guitarist) in Nandos.
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So far my Fender Super Champ XD, haven't had any chance to test better amps cause there aren't any big musicstores where I live
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1966 Fender Blackface Super Reverb, or a late 60's Marshall Plexi.


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The lead amp that I build...can do fender twin cleans to 5150 (and more) levels of distortion in one preamp, and do it well. Freaking articulate too. It's one of the prototypes of the Lead II preamp for AX84.com.

Hook that preamp up to a pair of KT77s...
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My amp, a 60's epiphone pathfinder.
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My Valveking, provided I have pedals to go with it.
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clean - it's gotta be my mate's AC30 just awesome
rock - never played an old marshall (or indeed any of the re-issues either) played a Laney AOR which rocked
Metal - it a tie between the Engl Invader and a Framus Cobra epic amps indeed.
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The things I would do for a Les Paul...
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How are the re-issue of these amps gable?

For example


I notice they are only single channel. How much gain do they have on tap?

The reissues are so-so. Get a Ceriatone or Metro instead!

Well you need to crank them to get any distortion... I'd jsut get an 18watter really. It's like a mini JTM45 but easier to crank. Just listen to mine. And they have about to Van Halen gain.
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18watter video demo

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Carvin legacy and mts, and the randall rm100kh omg that sounds amazing and does pretty much any music style
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If we're talking highest quality amp, I'd say Mesa Road King.

But best sound quality (keep in mind I spent about ten minutes with the Road King) I'd say my Valveking.
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What the hell is a G&L.

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Gay & Lesbian I think, the box smelled funny
Greg what did you send me??
Cleans:EVH 5150III
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Mid gain: Cornford MK50H
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High Gain/metal: Deizel Einstein/Herbert/VH4
ENGL... something, I can't actually remember what it was now though, some big 100 watt head dealie...

Ideally if I could have any amps for any situations I'd have the ENGL for metal shows and the Cornford for... everything else
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My ENGL invader I guess, or else I wouldnt have shelled out for it.
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my bogner ecstasy or a soldano avenger..... also the rhythm channel of a mesa rectoverb with the "pushed" toggle engaged, beautiful.
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