First I want to say I don't even know how to play the guitar. I sing/scream/play keys and have a pretty good handle on music theory, so all tracks are synthesized atm. I started doing this about a month ago when I began writing for a band I'm kinda sorta in and we decided it wasn't heavy enough for the genre they were shooting for. So, I decided to make it a side project and maybe it'll take off, who knows.

All songs were made in Mixcraft 4 and written on a yamaha keyboard.

Band name is Where The Horizon Ends:

Let me know what you guys think!
(tips on mixing also GREATLY appreciated)

ps - there are a couple tracks that are going to have riffs cut down, because yes, a couple spots get repetitive.
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ha cool stuff man. not very hardcore though with no vocals. i didnt like the first song at all but the rest had some cool ideas.

keep at it
good luck
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Sorry man, I only know how to program in Db.

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Yeah, haven't gotten around to recording the vocals, I have lyrics written and I know exactly how I'm going to fit them in, it's just a matter of getting time and doing it (because I know recording them will take at least twice as long as I'll plan for).

I was thinking an august burns red-ish style for the vocals, probably won't "sing" sing very much at all.
Hey, good stuff! I rather liked the first songs riff, and the other ones definitely had some epic concepts!

Mixing wise, id recommend maybe adding in a sort of fuzzy bass to emphasize some of the more "hardcore" parts

If you get a chance check out some of my stuff (link in my sig)

Keep up the good work! Cheers!
Thanks for the input. I checked out the band in your sig and I definitely liked it, not really my style or I'd have more input. How's the whole getting more members going? had any offers?