Ok, so I'm really new to playing guitar. (This is my first post on the site!)

I've been browsing other forums for noob-friendly songs & I've got quite a few to keep me busy for a while. I understand tabs & I think they're pretty easy to figure out. Still don't have hammering, pulling, etc down, but I'm not too worried about that stuff for now. However, some of the songs are in chords. These ones confuse me because they're just the lyrics with the chord names above them. Am I just supposed to strum the chord when I get to the word the chord is above? I saw this link to a youtube video that was supposed to teach me about finger plucking. Are you supposed to do that with every chord? & I'm not sure, but am I supposed to string the 1 & 3 of the 1-3-5 chord pairing (assuming for this example that its a major chord)? I mean am I supposed to pluck the (1) root string & the 3 string, & then pluck the other strings? I don't even know if I said that right. I'm just really confused on plucking & how I determine which strings to pluck.

I'm thinking that I'm probably just over thinking these things & making it seem more complicated than it is. Any help would be super appreciated!
If you have a tab that says the chord name ,e.g. Am ,D or G over words ,it means you jsut play that chord over that part of the song ,like usually youl play a chord at the start of the chorus or repeat a few over the verse.
As for your 1-3-5 thing i dont fully understand what you mean
The 1-3-5 thing is part of music theory. Major chords are compromised of 3 notes. 1 being the root. Something like that. One of the sites I was checking out before I found this one told me that I'd need to know music theory to be able to play. =/ & thanks predator for the vid link. Its quite helpful!
I was told I shouldn't start off trying to learn strumming without a pick or finger plucking. Are they really that much harder? O.o
The first 1-2 months I used a pick till I discovered Fingerpicking and never looked back. If you plan to play solo alot-every now and then, then fingerpicking IS FOR YOU!. If you decide to fingerpick google it for more info.
ALSO everything above is a "opinion" which goes w/o saying=)
I think for the point you're at, you should just focus on strumming the chords. If the song has fingerpicking in it then you can try it but it's not nessecary for a beginner to learn right away
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Are you finger picking?
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