Gig in 2 weeks! Need 3-piece-instrumentals along the lines of YYZ (guitar/bass/drums)

So, my band got a gig in the start of october, but our singer is in Prague that weekend so we need something to play >_>

Preferably metal/prog-rock!!

EDIT: Its also preferably a non-solo-wankage song, but more spread on all the instruments (Yes to YYZ - no to Tender Surrender)

We're ****ed, arent we?
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Testify - Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble (just mainly blues improv)
Chameleon - Herbie Hancock (a simplified arrangement lasting about 3 minutes)

Grand Funk, ELP, Yes, Cream and some Eric Johnson stuff if y'all are good enough.
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Come up with a jam - my band often does this live. Come up with 3 or so different sections, then appoint a "leader"('cause every band needs one) to use body language(nods etc) to communicate when to change, who to take the lead etc, and just jam over it. It doesn't take long to arrange something like this.

Also, Jeff Beck is a good one for instrumentals.