i haven't posted on here in a long time, but i'm getting ready to hit the studio soon for my second solo EP. so, i wanted to post some the lyrics i've been working on and see what everyone thinks. as the title suggests, this is connected to another song i've written. the stories stand alone, but they're connected by theme. here goes...

we caught a ride on a west bound train
and all the faces looked the same
when we stepped outside into the pouring rain
it was the place we'd left, all over again
built a nest from busted cigarettes
from broken glass, from tourniquettes
above a bunch of walls molded from ash,
placed in squares, made to look like brass

when you're caught in a jar, you never stray too far
walking circles all the time, swearing it's a line
and there's a builder with a pen throwing up a fence
says "imagination's just decaying sense"
we're on the wing of a plane in the middle of the day
and there's a panic attack brewing in my head
but the old water tower just north of town
is the closest we've come to heaven yet (so let's hang on)

through my eyes your blue is red
and it burns me up, it's like swallowing lead
in my hands, you feel so small
but you will grow someday and know you're strong
they say it's a peaceful ride, though it's genocide
maybe it's alright, maybe it's better when you die
but still i wonder what it's like outside
hope they breathe fresh air, hope they're really alive

those who gather it up can never get enough
is it addiction or just a crutch?
and if you know what it's like, hold your head up high
because it's all that we had, but not all we'll have
somewhere i hope there's a town where people sing out loud
waiting through the night to cheer on the sun
because i get so tired of seeing evil in fire,
and every father wanting more to give his son

think i was meant for a time way before mine
where a hammer and a plan made me a worthy man
but here we are, and it's now, and we're floating out
spreading cities over land and drawing lines on maps

(at the same time)
we gather hills and pour fresh lakes
to fill the holes from which they came
when they erode and fill back in,
we'll scoff at our past ignorance
we spring from earth like weeds and sin
twist up the trees and strangle them
well cut me down, show me i'm weak
so i'll come back a stronger seed
I really like it. You can picture everything your saying and it makes a lot of sense, imo. I'd listen to it. =)
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I agree, very stong imagery. However i cant help thinking that it might be a little too long. Nice though all the same
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