how much would you pay for a used Gibson SG standard, completely mint condition and almost never played?
My friend is selling his and i'll post the price after a few responses, taht should determine if it's fair...
60% of what it sells for new.

Gibson SG Standard New at MF is $1200 USD
60% of that is $720

If it's absolutely mint, I may stretch to 70% MAX. Absolutely Mint.
By that I mean no Belt Rash, no FretWear, no pickguard scratches and absolutely no finish blemishes.
Basically if you can't tell the difference between that and a new one.

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400-500, but that's just me. I was never a big Gibson guy.
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okay cuz i've seen this guitar, ABSOLUTELY like new NO evidence its used, he says 1000 msrp says 1600
$800 if he tossed in a case.
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