I havnt had this problem alot, but eveyonce in a while when i learn a riff or a solo (something on the higher strings G,B or e) i comes along. ok, when i hit a note on a high string in a down stroke, as im bringing the pic back up it sorta makes a "rattle" noise bcause it is hitting the same string i just ht, but faster, and it sounds like its just sliding over making this weird ass noise. i want it gone for good. like isaid it only happens everynce in a blue moon. anyone else know what im talking about?
yeah, it used to happen with my old epiphone les paul special II. it happened right after i lowered the action as much as it would go (literally, all the way down). but then after a while, i realized i had to raise the bridge up a little, and the rattle noise went away
wow thank you, now i know atleast im not the only one that had this problem. ill try raising th action on my B.C. Rich Virgn