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6 24%
3 12%
10 40%
2 8%
1 4%
2 8%
0 0%
0 0%
0 0%
1 4%
Voters: 25.
PRS, and other brands...
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Well theres not supposed to be VS. Threads and thats kind of all this is. Unless you want to save yourself and edit in your looking to buy one and want to know which is best suited for your style.
Epi or Gretsch. Pretty much interchangeable, especially in terms of the Epi Elitist models vs the current modern Gretsch guitars, or vintage guitars from either brand.
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Gretsch is king when it comes to hollowbodies.
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I respect that sweet pop in Gretsch guitars, but my vote goes to Gibson- if only for such a classy ES-335, or the modernish ES-359 that still is lovely warm.
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Can't say what the best is because I haven't played them all.

I did play an Ibanez Artcore a few days ago and I was VERY impressed!

I've heard a lot of mixed opinions about them, but this one was for sale in the used section at a local shop. Felt amazing, sounded great too. If I had a few extra hundred dollars to spend I would pick it up.

Probably isn't the best, but could be the best value.
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gretsch. I love the look/feel/sound of a big deep hollowbody. with a bigsby, nothing sounds better
Benedetto, Sadowsky, D'Aquisto, and D'Angelico are the best. They're also ridiculously expensive. Linda Manzer makes awesome archtops, too.

EDIT: WTF? Gretsch is winning? They're good, yeah, but the best archtops are not made by the big brands. Making a great archtop is an artform.
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