Just wondering, does this sound familiar to anyone? I was just messing around on my little brother's acoustic guitar and found it, but it sounds like a Blink-182 song to me.


The timing is already there, and it's at a higher tempo, I'd say somewhere around 140-160.
It's that song that was played in "Bubble Boy."

Great fucking movie.

EDIT: I Guess This Is Growing Up

I hate that I know that.
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i think its dammit but played wrong
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Anyone agree there or am i on my own?
That is VERY similar to the intro to Blink-182's "Dammit."
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I think that was one of Beethoven's sonatas.
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It's a typical blink 182 technique of playing a repeated pattern of notes but shifting the root note between each pattern while keeping the rest the same - TdL does it all the time.

EDIT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsLeT_VKJ9o
2.00 in says it all - he does it every song... "we did it everywhere" "we did it in every song"
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It's that song that was played in "Bubble Boy."

Great fucking movie.

EDIT: I Guess This Is Growing Up

I hate that I know that.

Fail...it's DAMMIT
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Reminds me of "Dammit", except the first note of each 3-note pattern is different.

My thoughts exactly.

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