No, this is not another "how can i wear out my guitar with sandpaper to make it look old" thread. I wanted to know tings I could change on my Ibanez rg270 to make it look more suitable for Classic Rock. I decided against buying a telecaster for financial reasons and I love the neck on this thing. Please give me a few pointers for making my guitar look classier and less agressive. (knob changing etc.) I currently have knobs from a fender frontman, a marshall, standard strat knobs (black), and the stock black aluminum ibanez ones. Right now I have the strat ones on. I think the pickups look nice but the guitar still strikes me as a metal guitar when I look at it. Pic below.
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The maple neck instantly contrasts it from a 'metal' guitar. The pickups are fine. If you had covers on them like solid black squares, then that would make it 'metal'

Only thing I can think of is.... maybe a whammy bar with an off-white plastic tip

Edit: mayyyybe put in P90 pickups?
Sand off the paint and then put some kind of stain on it. Switch the knobs, with Gibson Speed Knobs.
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well i don't think you really can with that body shape (horns too sharp)...perhaps the strat pickguard...but that'd just look awkward.

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play the hell out of that thing with a lot of vibrato to give that old maple board look. belt rash on the back if you want.
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Can't really do much honestly because of the floyd. That in and of itself will make it look out of place I guess if you sanded down the paint and refinished, replaced the knobs, rounded and shortened the horns, rounded the body more, and covered the buckers with chrome covers or replaced neck with a single, left the bridge uncovered, and custom cut a strat-style pickguard for it and mounted the pickups on the guard, it would look more "classic", but at that point you'll have spent more than you would for a new guitar and it still wouldn't really look quite right.

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I was considering a pickguard but also thought that would look weird. The horns are my biggest problem with this guitar. Would the chrome pickup covers (like on gibsons and alot of PAF's) fit over my Super distortions? I like the worn maple fretboard look too. I'm shooting for it but I'm trying to only get the wear and tear if it comes naturally. I don't wanna screw up a perfectly OK guitar.
Ibanez RG270
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play it enough and the sweat on your fingers will wear away at the neck and look like my guitar's neck...
Maybe round off the horns, sand em down or cut em so they're more Strat-ish. Put a white tip on the tremolo bar, so its a bit more Strat-like. If it werent bright red, maybe a little darker red, it would be less in-your-face and metal I think. Maybe cover one of the humbuckers, it might give it a sort of thrown-together customized look. Maybe add some nice gold hardware too?
I like how half the people replying so far clearly didn't read what OP asked.

OP, you're not going to get it to look 'vintage'. The horn cutaways are too sharp, it's got a Floyd Rose (which really an't be 'vintage' unless you consider the mid 80's to be 'ancient'), the sharp headtock, 24 frets and HSH pickup selection... if you want a traditional looking guitar, you're buggered. At best you could make it look quite 80's by giving it a more jazzy finish. That's about all you can do. If you're looking for a real 'traditional' look ala 50's and early 60's iconic guitars like Teles, Strats, Jazzmasters and the early SGs etc, then yeah... you're pretty much entirely stuck.
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