so i started another band with the same drummer from my band but we have a girl singer this time, so i need to know wat would be good songs to do wit her?

one problem is that shes just gettin into being able to sing rock music, so we need sum songs that can ease her to the rock genre so nuthing to heavy.

so please recommend me some songs that she can do.

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Flyleaf comes to mind.... I'll edit if I think of anymore. My singer is a girl to, n shes know a ****load of girl bands. I'll ask her when she gets on for you.

EDIT: Paramore, Mayday Parade
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Any clue on her range? Suggest Flyleaf or Paramore, to give her some inspiration. Maybe Lacuna Coil if she has some decent range... Thats just my opinion, I don't particularily like any of those bands. Maybe show her some Arch enemy, haha.
My lead singer's a girl too. We've done several Paramore's, like Misery Business, Born For This, Crush, When It Rains, Fences... Lots of Paramore, actually. We've also done Avril Lavigne and a little No Doubt. But Flyleaf is good, Lacuna Coil too as metal redneck suggested. We've actually considered doing Hit Me With YOur Best SHot by Pat Benatar. Hope I helped.
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You don't have to cover songs by bands with female singers. Do some Chili Peppers and see what she an sing. I think female covers of beatle songs are cool
Paramore, Flyleaf, Lacuna Coil, maybe newer Nightwish, as the older stuff is super-operatic. Also try Damone and Fireflight, a couple other great bands that arent quite as well-known.
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Lacuna Coil, maybe newer Nightwish

This is probably the best choice if you're going for a slightly heavier side of things. The only problem with Lacuna Coil is that you will need 7 strings, so may be out the question. Newer Nightwish is a good idea though, Bye Bye Beautiful or Whoever Brings The Night would be perfect. Just don't do any old Nightwish unless she has an amazing voice. I would also add newer In This Moment to this list, the older stuff has a lot of screaming, have a listen to Forever or All For You.

However, I would ask why you are limiting yourself to songs with female singers. Play something that you actually know and like, and I'm assuming that by starting this thread you don't know many bands with female singers, and put your own spin on it. It kind of annoys me when bands with female singers play endless Paramore covers, be a litte adventurous!
i agree with beatles dude... just cover whatever song she can sing and you guys can play. EDIT: male or female vocals I mean.
This is a real good opportunity to put a different edge on covers - don't just stick to ones sung by girls...just off the top of the head I can imagine good female covers of:

Misfits - Die, Die My Darling
Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters, Turn the Page
Iron Maiden - Remember Tomorrow, Ghost of the Navigator, Hallowed be thy Name


EDIT: i realise my suggestions may be on the heavier side band wise but they're pretty light songs - Definitely look into Misfits, nothing else matters, turn the page and remember tomorrow!
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Pop punk always works with a female voice imo.Especially a lot of Green Day stuff.
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My bands singer is a girl. We do some Paramore, Flyleaf, Coheed and Cambria, Fall of Troy and other stuff. It would be cool to use a female singer to nail some of the sounds of bands with male singers with high voices: Muse, Chiodos, Saosin, Aerosmith...ect.
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