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I'm gonna need specific instructions again on how to properly dance with my pants on my head.
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First you put your pants on your head.
Second you dance.
Third you wipe off all the pussy.
"Really it's a bit of fun, and anything that could get young people interested in politics is good.

"If they can see that we are human and realise that we're not all God's gift, why not?
There's enough serious things out there without adding to the worries of the world."

Yeah that's what young people think about politicians

I dont really see the resemblance but good on him, I guess.
it is peter, i believe thats the idea, but i dont know how thats going to sway voters seeing as most of the people watching family guy are 12-14

EDIT- im guessing cuz the pic is no good
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not hated
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Doesn't really look like Peter, he's just a fat guy with glasses. Are you suggesting that any fat guy with glasses looks like Peter Griffin?
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I love you

Who's in a bunker?
Who's in a bunker?
Women and children first
And the children first
And the children