just want to know some differences. i have played lower quality ibanezs but no jacksons. i have heard great things about both.
ive never played on a jackson but every ibanez ive played has 1 of 2 problems, 1. action to high and i cant get it to adjust or 2. the heel of the neck is to big for me to reach the higher frets.
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I have played many of both and IMO, Jackson > Ibanez anytime.
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i love the neck on my ibanez. the heel of the neck is rounded on mine so i have awesome access to the 24th fret. mine just has horrible pick ups. almost any ibanez is great to me. even the cheap ones are way better then other similar brands. i am trying to buy an ibanez destroyer. has any one heard anything bad about it.
It depends on what price range you're looking at. Most MIJ Jacksons and Prestige Ibanez's are pretty much the same on quality and parts, it just comes down to preference on body styles/woods and pickups. Though both have had price hikes recently, I don't think Jacksons are priced reasonably anymore; with Ibanez you at least get what you pay for.
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You can't compare these two companies, because everyone is going to have a different opinion, hence why these kind of threads are banned.
It really depends on what models you are looking at,
But IMO JS30 series > Entry level Ibanez
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