hello folks
ive recently entered the realm of shredding, and im having a single unexpected problem.

whenever i take off my fretting finger off a string, it doesn't come off clean; i. e. it plays the open string as my finger comes off, like an unintended pull off.
this just renders any riff that i play (or attempt) dirty,
and this is especially a problem as i crank the distortion.

any tips on how to avoid this??

thanks guys
^What he said

try doing pull off/hammer on exercises as well as practicing on clean. also practice at a slow tempo and gradually get faster
NOTE: also try when you take your finger off a string practice taking it almost off, waiting a split second then taking it off all the way. joe satriani uses this technique and plays VERY VERY clean. its hard to master and difficult at first, but it works
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You want to sort of touch the string with the edge of your finger while starting to play the next note. That ends the previous note while your playing the next. You'll figure it out after a while.
practice slower, slow down until everythings perfect. If you mess up, you are probably going to fast. If there is a noise you don't like, you are probably going to fast. Unless it is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT, you are probably going to fast. The only way to shred is start slow and practice a ****load.

Also, you may want to turn your gain down. If the amp you use has an insane channel, do not use the insane channel.
try using different muting techniques. Some people can mute all the strings with the fat part of the picking hand, others use fingers off the left that aren't shredding, you could also try using your pick to mute the strings, by grabbing the pick a little lower and using the fleshy part of your thumb or forefinger, this may cause you to play pinch harmonics though so watch out. Hope that helped, oh and remember practice
Don't play anything fast you can't play slow...there's nothing wrong with being a "slow" shredder for awhile bro
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You don't suddenly decide to start shredding, shredding is no different to any other guitar playing save for the fact that it's very fast.

Developing on the guitar is all about building a strong foundation and progressing gradually and steadily - shredding simply "happens" when you get good enough.
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Rather than pulling your finger off to go to the next fret, jump relax it. That way it comes off while dampening any sound from a pull off.
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improve your muting technique and get a noise gate (set the decay to low and the threshhold high), i use a boss ns2 for this.