Hey guys,

So I have a tendency to go really crazy on stage and consequently my chord tends to get all tangled up and wrap around my legs and I couldn't tell you how many times I almost tripped at our last show. That being said, my mom wants to get me a wireless kit for an early bday present b/c we have a string of some pretty big shows coming up and I really don't want to be restricted at all.

Now the fun part, I need help choosing one. The one I had my eye on is the Sennheiser ew172g3 but the 500 bucks that that one costs is the most I can spend so have at it UG.
the sennheiser is actually a really good wireless system. I wouldnt go much cheaper than $300 however, they tend to be quite bad after that point.
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the x2 systems are really good. I use it and I am very happy with it
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I have heard the line 6 X2 is the closest you can get to the chord sound with wireless... Thats what a lot of the reviewers say and what not. I havn't personally used one though.
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