Starting off, this isn't meant to be an advertisement or anything of the sort. I just wanted to talk about how awesome this is, I mean, how often do you find yourself trying to get the sound of an artist your love? For most of us, it seems like always! People are always talking about how to get Steve Vai's tone too, and how they try to get it, yet cannot. I personally just think it's really cool that Steve is doing this as an exact replica of his live rig, let alone donating the proceeds to charity. Also, I'd love to hear the song he's going to write about the person who wins the auction. There's a ton of extra stuff too, but for most of us, the gear is where it's at! I know it's against forum rules to post eBay links, so instead I'll just post the link to Vai's site that has the information.

But anyways, the actual point of this threat. I was just wondering, wouldn't it be awesome if all the artists whose sound you want to replicate did this? Even if you didn't win the bid, but just knowing that you could get extremely close gear wise to your favorite artist through one buy?
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Actually, I find this pretty awesome. Especially all of the other stuff you do if you could win. Good luck to some well to do, rich kid.
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I'm pretty sure he still uses some rack gear...
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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I bet the rig goes for more...

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I'm pretty sure he still uses some rack gear...

It depends on the tour. For the last one and on Zappa Plays Zappa all he used was the TC floor unit and a few pedals. Even on the last tour he did with a rack it was cut down alot; he doesn't have the giant refrigerator rack anymore as far as I know.
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