Hi I just uploaded some "ideas" i guess to myspace they're only about 30 seconds each but let me know what you think. I particularly like the one i just recorded called 'In the works' but all recordings are very raw and unpolished as I recorded them through the mic on my computer and am not very good at mixing them. All recordings are improvisations


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It's different, but sounded good. And by sounded good, I meant the recordings were clear and while you say you're not very good at mixing them, they mixed together in a way that made them more "interesting". Very well done in that aspect, actually. I like the improvisions. Didn't sound random, actually sounded pretty organized, in a way. Everything flowed together and had a very nice, relaxing sound. Sounds like something that someone would listen to while sitting on the beach and drinking Corona's.

The only one I didn't really like was the untitled recording 1. The second one on the list. It just sounded unorganized and less calming than the first and third one.
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my fav is untitled improv 2. theres a raw emotional quality to it that i really like. that distorted guitar in the back is really what gives it that emotion IMO.

good stuff, get it structured into song!
I liked the first one. The other two, not so much. The first one had a really nice Celtic flavor to it...Zepplen-ey I guess. You should develop that one for sure!
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