I have been having problems learning songs on bass. I know alot of theory (modes, scales, chords, progressions, etc.) and i can imprvise pretty well but i have trouble learning songs. the man problem i think is left hand speed and uncordination. i hav learned parts of songs like good times bad times and around the world but get messed up alot to, what should i do about this i have been playing 1 year
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Practice Practice Practice

Just keep playing songs man, everything will fall into place.
In all honesty, you probably just need to practice your land hand coordination if you think that's the problem. Try spider scales, chord shapes, etc. to try and get your left hand working better. Then, proceed to practice your ass off on learning songs.

(Other people may not agree but try the verse line to 'New Born' by Muse, that's pretty much how I've worked on left hand speed and basic coordination)
Theres the exercises guitar pro and maybe power tab file in the FAQ, that helps tons for me since i saw that my left hand was lagging behind quite a bit. Try it out.

Anyway, keep to the accuracy will give speed thing and you should be fine youve got plenty of time ahead of you
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