So we have a guitarist(me) who listens to metal/blues/rock/alt/techno/death metal/indie.

A bassist who is a metal guy.

A singer who really likes nirvana and listens to rap.

The drummer...didn't find one yet.

Will this work out?

I Have doubts about this working out. This will be everybodys first band.

Okay...Any tips? What to do before/during practice and what not to do and everything to start off?
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I think it will work just fine, just start off on some common ground and work up from that. I suggest having a practice in which you just find out each others influences, and find soongs you can can already play together.
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Don't resort to classifying yourself to a genre, that is what makes things most difficult. Cause you definitely won't be able to agree on a single type of music to play. Just jam around for a while and some fusion will come out of it. Will it sound good? Maybe, you can't know yet. But if you just play around instead of boxing yourselves in, there will be less arguing (if not none).
i had that same(!!) exact problem with one of my first bands, except we had a keyboardist that we didnt really want, but his dad scared us, so we couldn't give him the boot. that band did not last long
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My band is:

Matt Bellamy-idolizing guitarist (me)

Bassist who thinks he's a guitarist, has his bass amp way to loud and plays random guitar parts

Other guitarist who has a man crush on tom morello

Singer who can't sing

Drummer loves punk and 80's metal.

We've lasted a good year or so.
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off course it will work out

Me: Hard Rock, Pop Punk
Other guitarist: Hard Rock, Pop punk
Drummer: Reggae, Rap, Hard Rock
Bassist: Vallenato, Hard Rock

Singer: searching for one

well, we are a hard rock band just so you know
I think it's amazing when you have people from different backgrounds with music come together to play together. Everyone usually has something to offer.

My band is another great example.

My lead singer loves alternative, acoustic, and indie music.

My lead guitarist sings accapella at his school, yet he's also into metal, metal, and more metal.

My drummer is a reggae/jazz/funk drummer who plays in my school's drumline.

I play the blues, funk, and alternative bass playing.

We all come diverse backgrounds in music, yet when we come together, we all play as one.

Just remember to keep an open mind!
Well I'm gonna get them to get a list of songs for everybody to learn And tell em nothing too hard. Then we'll get it all down to about 6 songs then practice.

Sound alright?
Turtles R awesome. dont agree? YOU GO TO HELL, YOU GO TO HELL AND YOU DIE!

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Ion - acoustic guitar.
Cort KX1Q - i smashed it
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It will definitely work out. I have been jamming with (except for one person leaving due to lack of interest) the same people for over 2 years.

And I'm into Black Metal, Thrash Metal and Progressive Metal, other guitarist is Death Metal, Bassist (80's Rock and Hair Metal), and the drummer is into bands like Bullet For My Valentine and As I Lay Dying. Not sure what genre the last bands are, but they're quite different "culturally" that the music of the rest of the band.
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It's only a problem if you can't make music together. This happens if your musicians limit themselves to one genre to the extent that they can't/refuse to play other genres. A good example would be a self-proclaimed metalhead drummer who can't play in an acoustic pop band due to their overuse of the double-kick drums.

Try to play together, then figure it out.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Nothing says that all members having the same influences will guarantee you won't break up (or even sound very good)

For example I knew four people with Identical tastes in music who had once been in a band before I met them and ended up almost hating each other because of it.
Me: Shoegaze, Noise, Rock, etc...
Drummer: Metal, Punk, etc.
Bass: -core (bit less), Metal, Punk,...
Singer: Metal, Rock, Emo-ish,...

It's working out pretty well, we're more of a punk band, so I adjust a little to it, but it's fun anyway
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Wouldn't really call us a band - we just jam together, but:

me - silly hair metal
other guitarist - punk
bass - funk

We just need a drummer who's into metal now lol

We were just each choosing a couple of songs to play, now we're attempting to write stuff together

As long as you can get on and all agree to compromise at times there's no reason it shouldn't work. Just have fun with it!
common ground: slipknot. Seriously. listen to them and tell me you don't hear the hip-hop AND metal influences.
When my band first started i liked metal and pop punk and some rock, the singer liked breaking benjamin and disturbed, the bassist liked red hot chili peppers and the strokes, and we had no drummer.

We found common ground on blink-182 :p

Now we have a drummer and he likes brass band music and ska, and he found common ground with us with blink and such
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while having a variety of influences is a great thing, i'd say the thing that's most likely going to cause you to fail is the fact that this is your first band.

don't take that the wrong way, i'm not saying you WILL fail or that you aren't all great musicians, idk any of that about you. what i do know is that the norm is for people to **** up a couple times with bands before they get it right.
Its better to have a varieity of influences in a band Its will work once you find a common ground, like my bands common ground is Metallica even though were an Indie/Alt band haha
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