Title says is all, the guitar is in my sig, I'm seriously considering selling it to fund my Bagpipes (My serious instrument) I really like it but don't have a amp anymore (sold my POC Sp-10) and I just can't seem to get into playing guitar (Year and a half and still not any good at metal which was my aim, but I do enjoy playing Celtic guitar) If I can't get around $300 or more than I probably won't sell it.

so what do you think is a good price?
300 for a squire tele? Not happening. But teles(although the hh is verryy versatile.) was not made for metal

EDIT: why did I say tele? Lol
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I doubt you'll get $300. Unfortunately, modded guitars seldom add any value to a guitar. In fact, the result is usually the opposite (unless the only mod is changing out a stock pickup for a name brand).
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