I am looking for a guitar that is good for rhythm guitar playing. I am looking from around 300-500 dollars. I would play stuff like metallica, avenged sevenfold, some Muse, Green Day - basically mainstream rock. I also want one that sounds good clean. I have been looking at the epiphone eg-400's or possibly a epi les paul standard.
Amp? That's the deciding factor
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I'm pretty fond of my G-400, just keep in mind it does like to headstock dive.

If you could make due with just a bridge pickup, I'd recommend an Ibanez ORM-1. I love mine to pieces and want to get a second one to mod extensively.
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The G-400 does indeed suffer from bad weight balance problems, but other than that it's a solid guitar and gives you some of the best value for money around.

Copy brands like Agile (US) or Vintage (Europe & Canda) are also worht looking at, as many of the better known ones are actually made in the same factories that Epiphone used to be made in and are the same quality only cost a bit less, which is always a big plus point when you're not flush with thousands to spend.

However, as others have said, you need to have a good amp sorted out first. For what it's worth though, anything like an Epi G-400 or LP Standard (or any of the copy brand equivalents) will do you fine for what you need.
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