Okayy, so obviously im new with guitars.. since i don't know how the heck to read tabs. Im mostly teaching myself. I am taking lessons for an hour once a week for like.. 7 weeks.. but i just want to understand tabs... any help??

Thank youu

each line represents a string, each number represents the fret you play on that string
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............................and u play
e---1---------------- 1st string 1st fret
b------2------------- 2nd string 2nd fret
g----------3--------- 3rd string 3rd fret
d-------------3------ 4th string 3rd fret
a-----------------1-- 5th string 1st fret
Google how to read guitar tabs. There are a bunch of guides on it that explain it well.
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Read this: How to Read Tabulature
I think you'll find that to be a good place to start.

There are lots of good lessons on the main site.
Just click "Lessons" at the top of any page.
Search according to keyword, or just browse.

Or enjoy some interactive conversation on the various UG forums
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