I'm looking for the chords for a couple Daughtry songs. I couldn't find them on this site, or any other, so I wondered if someone knew where I could find them, or could do them if it wasn't much trouble.

What We Have Become, On the Inside, and Traffic Light

They are bonus tracks from their latest album.

Mostly all of Daughtry's music is tuned a half step down (Eb).

My suggestion, and also my recommendation, is to drag the songs into an audio editing program (Audacity is FREE, and it does this job fine), slow down the tempo/speed, and figure out the notes/chords yourself. This is actually a lot easier than you think. An easy and effortless way to figure out a chord is to find the note on the E or the A strings (know your notes!).

Hope this helped man. If I was at my computer with my guitar by me, I would hop on this and shoot you some chords. But this is the best advice I can give you right now.
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Quote by ewall09
Mostly all of Daughtry's music is tuned a half step down (Eb).

This effect is used by the so called "DAUGHTRY" in order to acheive a more brooding and angst ridden sound which conveys Chris DAUGHTRY's life long introspective analysis on life and all of the trials and tribulations he has had to endure. Make no mistake, DAUGHTRY has been to the brink of half-step-down tuning and returned only to report with this album the desolation and depression which lies there-in. Only thru listening to this masterpiece can we truly know Him.