Some person downstairs starts bitching about the noise from your (acoustic) guitar....

how do you respond....

Tell them to fuck a cuttlefish
I remember Mitch Hedberg's joke:

"I used to play loud heavy metal in my apartment, and my neighbor would always knock on the wall. So I decided to mess with him: 'Go around! There is no door in the wqall, you will have to go around, sorry'"

That's not perfect, I know, but it was the best from my memory
Apologize and remember to play my guitar at more appropriate times.

I lived in an apartment and it is pretty sad that an acoustic can be heard so easily through the walls.
ask them what they want me to play and i sing them a song.
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I'd shut the door. Seriously, acoustics arent loud.

IS this like a roomate, or just someone in the same building?
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I invite them over for coffee.

Then I proceed to tell them about Jesus.

stop playing. play an electric guitar, unplugged, like a respectful guy.
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My next door neighbor plays guitar. An acoustic can definitely be heard through the walls, lol. I love it when he plays though. He's pretty good. I'm sorry he has to listen to me all the time . . .
melt their faces off with a blistering solo.... that'll teach em
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Hook up the electric and let 'er fly...
That'll give 'em something to bitch about.