Hi, i have a problem with my DD6 where it'll make popping sound and turning off and on as it goes, when i use the DC jack. but when i use battery, its fine. I looked inside the dc jack and saw that it is oxidised/corrode. tried to rub it off using sandpaper but to no avail.

So, i decided to replace the DC jack. but the problem is, when i desolder the DC jack, i saw that there is 5 PIN at the DC jack! what does the other 2 do? i only have the 3 PIN DC jack, can i use it as a replacement and how?

You could just use Deoxit on the old jack.
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Quote by Jesstaa
You could just use Deoxit on the old jack.

sorry for asking, but what's a deoxit? hehe

EDIT: nevermind, i googled it!
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