So i just got my POD ux2, but how can i record?

I installed riffworks + podfarm and ableton but i can't seem to find anywhere on how to actually record,

I want to be able to like record stuff and be able to hear what i'm playing at the same time?

Should i use reaper?


Should i plug my UX2 into my cube15 and use the interface that way?
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you have to chose ux2 as your audio driver in the preferences of the recording interface that you are using

to hear what you are playing you can connect some speakers or headphones to the ux2

and if you like it use reaper

and theres no reason to use the ux2 to the cube since the ux2 will act as a amp and conecting it to an amp kinda defeats his porpose
Hmm would it be better running it through my cube anyway, since i have to use monitoring and that causes lag, (10-20ms) i think, when recording it's a bit strange, but if i use my cube as like a cab and the UX2 as a amp head sorta thing

But what sorta tone would i get, would it be very digital? I haven't tested out much but i did get a alright tone i guess

Also with running the cube would i set all the dials at 12'oclock and on the clean channel?
Would it be better just to use the cube seperate and UX2 just for recording etc?

I'd rather just use both for practice / recording but it's hard to tell if i'll get a decent tone or not.