What technique is being used in the main fade to black solo in the part which is a whole bunch of 9th fret 3rd string full bends. The thing is that they are 16th notes and the tempo is at 116bpm...

Its really fast. How on earth do you play that?
I am such a fool.

I didn't realize that I don't need to bend and release each time. Its just one bend that you adjust from a full bend slowly back to normal and then you obviously just alt pick.THATS why i was battling so much and thats why Martindecorum's answer didn't help much; because I was being a fool.

Sorry for the stupid post...
Also I believe the ending solo is 144 bpm...

I think it's the intro solo thats 116 bpm.
Yeah, that part's not really something to worry about. I personally have trouble with the part thats like: