Just wanting to know what others think of getting an Ibanez SR300 and a Marshall 60MB, tried them both out at my local guitar shop and love them both for the sound and feel, but want to hear any suggestions you guys might have for me, thanks in advance
yea those basses do feel great =) but they just lack some sort of sound... you get me? you can only get a really bassy sound or a really treble sound out of them, they lack the midrange... whats your price range??
I can recomen the sr300 having owned one myself, truly and exelent starter to intermidiate bass guitar.
The bass is solid and you can get a variety of sounds out an SR series.

Now the Marshall. Marshall makes wonderful guitar amps, but like Gibson, guitar gear is their forte and I always got the feeling they got into bass gear as an afterthought. The problem with that Marshall amp, at least the one I tried is that it doesn't hold the low end very well, so if you get a 5 string, its going to sound meh and excuse the phrase, farty. Plus, they don't seem to hold up to wear and tear over time. My advice when trying any amp is to play a 5 string through it and see how it handles that low B. If the tone is not great, I'd pass.

There are better options in that price range. Ashdown, Peavey, Hartke come to mind.
Just got back from school, passed my local music shop and got a price offered for the bass and amp, £289 for the amp and £275 for the bass, but they will reduce the price of the bass a bit since its waaay cheaper on the internet.

I see what you mean about the amp struggling with a 5 string, but I use a 5 string at the mo' and well, I dont use the extra string apart from resting my thumb on it while playing with my fingers, so I'm going back to 4 strings.

I also agree with Marshall having bass amps as an afterthought, I think I may have said the near exact words to two of my friends who both own Marshall guitar amps and will have a look at Ashdown and Hartke before I definetly go for the Marshall, I dont want a Peavey as I have a TKO 80, Studio Pro 112 and some very crappy one that doesnt deserve to be named, these are all 2nd hand but in good condition, cept' the the last one, cheers for the input

Edit: My price range is £600 or so
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I used to have an SR305, which is the 5 string equivalent of that. When I got it they were going for $350, but I got it on sale for $260 (I forget the exchange rate between pounds and US dollars, but it's way cheaper than what you're getting)

At any rate, I had it for about 2 months, then sold it because I found a Schecter Stiletto that I liked a lot more. It wasn't a bad bass, though.
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