Am I the only one sick of seeing these topics on here and youtube?
Where people try to compare guitarists for example, "Slash vs Zakk Wylde" to see whos better and their method of this is taking 3 or 5 solos of each and playing them to see whats better.
I mean, correct me if I'am wrong but surely what makes a guitarist is the song, not the solo.
Sure, a solo can be blistering if it suits a certain song but last time I thought about it I didn't think thats what playing the guitar was all about.
Plus everyone guitarist they mention is more then likely different styles so how does that compare on paper and taking a solo out of a song and therefore out of context wouldn't prove a thing.
Theres alot more reason I can state but I'am sure this will just be flamed anyway
Band vs Band topic are way better than guitarist vs guitarist topics.

^Note: Probably sarcastic
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