Is it hard to do ?
What exactly is involved ?
I want to add one to my ENGL Fireball

Are There Any Step By Step Guides ?

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The easy answer is that you can't wire it into your amp it has to be in a separate unite.

Not only is there no room in the head to put the tank but you will also have to find a place for 2 12ax7 valves, electrolytic caps, reverb driver, pots, and the extra circuit boards that are going to hold the extra resistors and capacitors needed for the circuit. After you have found room for everything, which probably won't be possible, then you have to look at the schematic to figure out the best place to locate the reverb driver and mixer within the circuit and figuire out the layout of the circuit board so that you can connect everything in the right places. Even if you do all that there is no gaurentee that your power transformer is going to be able to handle the extra drain.

If you want to add reverb get a pedal. If you want spring reverb get, or build, a standalone unit like the fender 6G15.
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Courduroy has it...there are a LOT of supporting electrical component needed to drive and amplify the tank. Basically...you have the engine to a car, but no body, wheels, etc.
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