Fenriz is at it again, new album out later this year, full track sample, and tracklisting at the link below:


Exciting stuff! And a cool cover!
Sounds pretty cool, but I still miss the old Darkthrone...
Kickas cover anyways. That dudes cawk is fukking saying "Kill!", that is pure awesomeness.
better than any track on black flags any day...
better album cover too. i might get a speech bubble saying "kill" tattood on my willy.
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It seems to be bull**** to me, if you look at the other stuff relating to Darkthrone on that site then why would it have an exclusive preview of the new album when nothing has been announced anywhere else yet?

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Yep. Trying much too hard, imo. This site's like a worse version of ANUS (as if that was possible).

I do like the album cover though. Wonder how long that took... rofl
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