I was at guitar center trying out the hellraiser c-1 again and I came upon another hellraiser - anniversary or something like that. Problem is I can't find it on schecter's website AND I googled it.

It looks almost exactly like the blackjack atx c-1 except it has the gothic cross inlays and silver emgs. Anyone know where I can find more information about it online?

I'd really like to know...any help is appreciated because I can't find anything about it.
Probably some limited edition. It's very likely the differences between the two guitars are merely cosmetic.
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I think you're right, they were just cosmetic differences, but the pickups were different too. I'm only asking because I imagine it felt about the same as the blackjack atx c-1, which I'd like to know because I can't find it in a store and I'm thinking of purchasing it. It had the matte black finish with yellow trim...but the pickups are different, I know that.
I have the limited edition hellraiser and it is by far my favorite guitar I have ever played... there was one made for every guitar center and that was it, so you can't get them anymore.. I don't know anything about it other then it is a neck thru with locking tuner, satin black with yellow binding and chrome emgs... no idea what kind of emgs but I would really like to know.... Is there anyway to tell?
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