I got so stunned when I saw you today
With a white collared shirt and skirt painted grey
Your sneakers have been stepped on countless times
And countless times have I dreamed dreams about you
So over my head God couldn't make them come true.

And it looks like you've just visited the barber
Came to me looking like a brown Korean mushroom
Well that's what you said, but have I told you I love mushrooms?
Goes well in soup or stew
As a garden plant, as a rain shelter too
In shady areas, in broods they bloom
Leeching and leeching, this memorial I've built for you.

I know its useless and I know I'm a fool
I've caught stars in a bucket and made plastic out of wool
You still don't love me but I'll always love you
So I'll keep molding this porcelain dump
Until he's perfect enough for you.
this doesn't really grab me. i'm not entirely sure what its even about. is there a rhme scheme at all? cause theirs some rhymes but they just stop or aren't in the right place.
interesting about mushrooms though