Can anyone recommend a good fingerstyle jazz song? I'm particularly interested in learning a jazzy song that uses chords, but picks the melody around them... I think it's called Hybrid picking, but anything that sounds cool will do.

Also, I've heard a few jazz standards that are arranged for guitar in this fingerstyle manner. If anyone knows a good tab of one, please let me know!

thanks in advance!
pick up the album virtuoso by joe pass, you should be able to find a book of tabs for it.
Ted Greene is pretty epic too

check out Leigh Jackson on youtube, he's got some nice fingerstyle jazz stuff too
Quote by carmour
Ted Greene is pretty epic too

HE is the be all and end all of solo jazz guitar played fingerstyle. I've been trying to folllow his books, and look into his way of playing for a while. I just acquired his album "Solo Guitar" yesterday, and have been listening to it constantly. I mean people call Joe Pass inimitable. I wonder if they'd have to make up a whole new word to justify a musical phenomenon the likes of Ted Greene.

For any musician worth his salt, I cannot overstate the importance of listening to this album. It is the only album that he ever recorded.

Now on that note, cats like Tuck Andress are continuing in that vein, doing their own thing. Also check out Charlie Hunter, if you like your jazz spiced with the occasional hit of acid
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