So heres the thing, after about an hour of playing my left arm gets tired, its not pain really but I feel it in my elbow. Also I feel extremely comfortable on the bottom strings, (the bass strings) and the top 3 strings feel so awkward to play and in theory should be more comfortable and easier to play on. Ive tried adjusting the strap (i play standing) raising and lowering the height of it but I cant find what exaclty is causing this problem. I developed a bad habit of using to much pressure both in my thumb and hand and am now concentrating on slowing down and using just my fingers but idk, it kinda feels like my left arm has to hold the guitar up while i play when obviously I dont, or shouldnt. PLus the more I concentrate on easing muscle tension and taking pressure out of my thumb and put more energy into my fingers the more my arm feels exausted. Now im no muscle head but I am sure I have enoguh muscle to simply hold my arm up. Any and all tips or suggestions are much appreciated.
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put down the guitar and rest for a while. Your working out your fingers and arms just as if you were lifting weights. You have to take a break now and then until you get stronger!
I actually prefer standing, and the reason I think this is a non-normal probelm is because I have been playing standing up on my accoustic for the past few months without much of any problems, now that I hgot myself a new electric I just feel like something is off. The neck is slightly wider but still it shouldnt feel this awkward to play
If you always practice sitting down, when it you stand up ou will be uncomfortable because the guitar will be positioned and supported differently. It's important to practice the same way you will play.

I agree with FERRITofDOOM, you need to rest periodically. I also wonder, are you very tense when you play? If so try to relax your muscles. You can concentrate on that while you practice a scale or a simple chord progression. Also, how is your hand positioned? your thumb should be on the upper section of the fret in the area between your first and second fingers.

I hope this helps.