Hey everybody, I have a question about this Marshall 2x10" combo of mine! I got this combo amp really cheap a few months ago, and while it is a loud mother****er (300 watts), I feel I am lacking the punch you get from a 4x10"!

I was wondering if I would be able to perhaps unplug the 2x10" and plug in a 4x10" cabinet instead? I dont feel like getting a whole new amp, since the current one is fantastic! Or alternatively, what would you recommend I did to get a more punchy sound? I read in the folder that you could buy an extra 1x15" for 450watts, but I'm not that keen on 15" cabinets, they get boomy (IMO, I might just have played on some bad ones...)

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Here's the specs in entirety: Marshall MB4210 specs

PS: I hope what I said make sense, it's kinda hard explaining things like this being a foreigner
Plug a 4 ohm cab into the extension socket, to get the full 450w.

It doesn't have to be a 1x15"; it could be any kind, from any manufacturer. As long as it's rated at 4 ohms impedance, and can handle the 450w, it'll do the job.

Actually, I think a 4x10" under your combo would look boss, and sound righteous!
Holy **** you're right O_O That would be killer... Wow now I know what I want for christmas, thanks man