Poll: Where should I buy my guitar
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Musician's Friend
4 33%
American Musical Supply
2 17%
Guitar Center (shipped to local store)
6 50%
Voters: 12.
K, I've pretty much decided I'm gonna get a Schecter Blackjack ATX C-1. Now here's the question...where should I buy it from?

It's not available in-store at any of the local shops around here, so it looks like I'm going to have to buy it online. Here are my choices...

Musician's Friend
American Musical Supply
Guitar Center (shipped to local store)

What do you guys think? If there are any other stores you buy from online, let me know.
Well I'm not gonna buy this just yet...just getting ready. I'm waiting for another pay check
I just noticed though that they are a local store out in colorado...I live in chicago. Will they ship it to me? I suppose they would...I guess I've just never seen a music store that does such a thing.
Well...unless I find a better deal, which is not at all likely, I'll be buying it from there. Thanks so much for that dude. Major price drop!
i would suggest not going straight for the C-1 shape ATX, you may like their other ATX prototype shapes. but they're the exact same price as the regular ones.
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