Hi guys!

I've been playing for the best part of maybe 3-4 years now, and amjust starting toget involved with bands and the like, with my chops being fairly good now.

So, it's time to tackle something I've been putting off for a long time - singing whilst playing! I find it absolutely impossible, I can't do one at all whilst doing the other, it's like my hands and my mouth are linked.

I'm currently jamming with some guys and we all thrash out metallica songs and the like, which I find pretty hard without even being distracted by singing. I look at someone like James Hetfield, who manages to play what I would call fairly technical rhythm parts, and sing in a really varied style, distinct from the music, at the same time.

So how the hell do you get good at this? Anyone got any tips? What's the best way to become able to sing and play at the same time?


p.s. my main problem is even if im just humming the melody of the vocals to try and get it, I will always end up just humming the rhythm im playing on guitar, its subconcious. And really annoying!
I know what you mean! I've been practicing now on Metallica songs while singing, the easiest so far is For Whom the Bell Tolls, Sanitarium and Seek and Destroy. Try them out.
what i did to learn to sing and play is to just do it... it will sound horrible (so make sure nobody is around) and your guitar playing and singing wont be in rhythm or key but just gettin the hang of doing both, eventually it will start to improve and it will begin to feel natural
Well when i first started to sing and play at the same time i also found it impossible so what i did to just practise it first was to play a song that i could do really easily and then sang to that and then het harder over time, but it has 2 be a song u no verrry well

- Slashguitar_god
Me personally, I had to learn the song really well before I could even attempt to sing along with it. So play the song over and over, practice as much as you can on the song. Make it second nature. Play along with the song and try to sing with James. It's easier the more you know the song.
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